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Praying at the Speed of Love

Mar 14, 2019

Janet went to bed a writer and woke a prayer artist. And everything changed.

Who should be the first guest on Praying at the Speed of Love? Janet came up with a list. That is until she startled awake one night:

The first guest has to be me!

In episode 1, she tells the story of going to bed a writer and waking up a prayer artist, and how those two words changed everything. She shares her the patriarchal definitions of prayer and her new definitions.

Then, she asks the same questions she’s going to ask all her guests:

How did you pray as a kid, how do you pray now, and how did you get from there to here?

Listen as she goes from saying the Rosary on her knees at 7 to dropping all spirituality at 19, to waking up 39, pregnant, and desperate for a spiritual life.

Her best story? The three-year-old who asked,

“Where’s God the Mother?”

It’s a party, so come get your gift bag, too! Visit her website at to discover more!